Thursday, January 7, 2010

Idle on the move

This trip was almost due. Ten years of continuous stay, this life of a techie needed a move. Constraints will be there, priorities need to come at some point … if not at the onset.

Packing will be troublesome, so will be the journey. From a house that was marked ‘owned’ to be someone’s tenant, it won’t be easy. A new location, new culture, may be newer adventures … lots of them in store for us.

Dad’s not moving … may be he won’t. His social life, fondness for familiar fellows will keep him hooked to hometown

But I need to move. This city looks saturated, or may be the recession, as jobs don’t come easy. There are political disturbances. Opportunities, they are not what my city is now known for.

A new setup to start from scratch, that makes my body go numb. A new beginning is what is so allergic, changes are tricky. May be I waited too long to move … may be I should have moved earlier. Deeper roots don’t detach easily.

Bangalore or Pune? Time will tell …

For this time, I am getting myself prepared. To me, the sole focus is my work. They say one needs to stay employed and keep growing. I am no stranger to problems, and they will need to be looked into.

Trying to look forward now. The time has come for me to relocate. Lots of soul-searching, numerous discussions … and may be, some more.

Need to move now … or otherwise, it may be too late for me.